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Igniting Solutions: Dispute Resolution/Litigation

Strategy. That is what we can offer to help you navigate the uncertainties and imponderable nature of disputes.

In professional and personal life, disputes do arise from time to time. While disputes are best avoided, there are some instances when certain steps must be taken to protect your rights and interests.

Combining a good understanding of the law with the realities of the commercial world, our dispute resolution / litigation professionals possess the ability to create innovative and appropriate solutions to your problems.

If there are outstanding or potential claims, you will have to consider various factors that include the monetary value of the claim, the likelihood of success (should the matter proceed to a hearing before the courts or an arbitral tribunal) as well as the overall commercial strategy to be employed when deciding how to deal with and manage the situation. At times, even the forum and the manner in which a case is brought up could well determine the likelihood of success or failure. This is where our dispute resolution / litigation professionals would be in a position to advise on the steps required and how these steps should be taken.

Our dispute resolution / litigation professionals have expertise and experience in the following areas, which include:

  • administrative law
  • arbitration
  • civil litigation
  • commercial litigation
  • copyright infringement
  • criminal litigation
  • employment related matters
  • patent infringement
  • property related matters
  • trademark infringement

Further, the ability to take steps to enforce and defend your IP rights is one of the main ways to protect and maintain your IP portfolio’s value.



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