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Like any other important business asset, IP needs to be managed. Failure to do so means potentially ignoring a significant factor driving value of your business. Whether the sustainable competitive advantage of your business is based on superior technology, a powerful brand or rich and unique content, you need to own it.

With proper management of IP, you can:

  • Protect your products and services
  • Stop others from using, making, selling or importing products covered by your IP
  • Earn revenue from licensing
  • Commercialise it through strategic alliances
  • Use it as a basis for raising capital and financing

If you want to start managing your IP strategically, we offer an in-depth programme which includes:

IP Coaching

Where we run workshops tailored for senior management of your organisation, to help you uncover the strategic IP issues that you need to pay attention to in your organization, and help you craft an IP management action plan.

IP Audit

Where you have your organization’s IP assets properly audited by a professional. An IP audit is not just an inventory. It is a deep scan of your organization’s IP assets which take into account your business strategy and competitive advantage. An IP audit is typically the first step to any IP strategy and management programme.

IP Strategy

Where we develop with you a strategy for handling critical IP issues that affect your business. An IP strategy must be aligned with your business strategy and objectives.

IP and Governance

This is for companies that have corporate governance requirements (e.g. listed companies) and wish to develop IP governance capabilities at the board level.

IP Competitive Intelligence

Where we assist a company to gather useful information about its competitors and industry trends by mining IP, technical and other databases.

IP Policy Development

This is for companies and institutions that wish to regulate IP ownership, commercialisation and other important IP issues in alignment with the organisation’s larger corporate policy concerns e.g. its corporate mission, vision and values.

IP for Investment

This is for companies that intend to raise equity capital on the strength of their intangible assets and IP.

IP for Financing

This is for companies that wish to use IP as a tool for raising debt financing.



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